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auto accidents and the body

Fender Benders! We've all had one. (Or at least most of us have!) And we all know, even after a "low-impact" accident, just how sore the body feels. 

The truth is, our bodies are not built to withstand car accidents. Imagine running 20 MPH and then running into something that makes us stop immediately. OUCH! It's the same in an auto-accident. Which is why is it so vitally important for anyone involved in an MVA to recieve massage therapy... and the best news? YOUR AUTO INSURANCE COVERS MASSAGE! 

Yeah you read that right, your auto insurance covers massage therapy after you have been in an accident! We here at The Mend are not only trained to treat the injuries sustained in those awful fender benders, but we are also adept at working with your insurance company to get you the care you need at no cost to you.

Want to know more? Fill out a Consulation Request and we will reach out to answer any questions you may have about MVA billing!

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